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dtiko asked 4 months ago

I would be interested in your thoughts on the Utemis marketing strategy. It looks like they didnt invest much on marketing for the Pre-ICO . I beleive (from their telegram) they only spent $150 or a couple of hundred dollars. Taking into consideration their soft cap is 5000 ETH and that most heavy investors are looking for ICOs that already have a working product (UTS = Alpha is only being created and first test this month) and the ICO ends at the end of the month. How do you think they will achieve a soft cap of 5000ETH within 30days? (Currently @ 300.25 ETH collected)

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TheCryptoniac answered 4 months ago

Their ICO ends at the end of April and not MArch, so they have two full months ahead of them.

Having talked to Juan Pablo who is the co-founder I am extremely optimistic that they will surpass their soft cap.

It is true they have said many times they have spent only $150, and to me the return of investment is huge. With just $150 to collect 300 ETH, it is just amazing. Every ICO should be like this !

TheCryptoniac answered 3 months ago

I have talked with the Co-founder and as it seems announcements coming next week about something really good.

Thnaks for liking the website, we will try to improve it and add more info and helpfull tips on it!

dtiko answered 4 months ago

I agree. It seems like they have achieved a lot based on a natural atrition of investors. Lets hope that it goes well as it seems like a project that is definitely needed. BTW really like the idea of this questions page and your website is great too.