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Quantitative Investing

When to invest in the stock market?

2020-05-25 By: ChristopherRay

There are many ways to take advantage of our savings, but there are investment formulas that always seem more complicated to us, such as investing in the stock market. However, with good advice you can do it without problem. In today’s article we will see when to invest in the stock market, what advantages and […]

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What to invest in 2020?

By: ChristopherRay

The key to investing in 2020  is to diversify to reduce risks and tactically allocate our resources. In the next note we will review the general considerations when making the investment decision, and of course, we will review the macroeconomic conditions of the international context to define a general action plan that will lead us […]

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Which brokers accept payment by paypal?

By: ChristopherRay

In recent years, e-commerce has led to the emergence of new means of payment and, of course, PayPal is one of the most popular among buyers in online commerce. Basically it consists of an account in the PayPa platform that to be verified requires association with VISA, Mastercard or a bank account. Which brokers accept […]

futures exchange markets

What are futures markets?

2020-03-09 By: ChristopherRay

Suppose you and I live in a rural Illinois town. I raise cattle. You grow corn 15 miles from my ranch. In each fall, when you have finished raising your harvest, you pack all your produce and send it to me; I buy it to feed my steers. To reach a fair settlement, we agree […]

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Fiat apocalypse: stablecoin, crypto, CBDCs and China corner money

2020-03-04 By: ChristopherRay

Stablecoins sneak these days into the daily life of telephone conversations as possible instruments to save savings against hypothetical measures by governments on circulating money. Thus, according to the data, stablecoin could become a safe haven in the face of the effects of the Covid-19 crysis. The IMF speaks of a contraction in global growth […]

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What is the best broker platform?

2020-02-25 By: ChristopherRay

Currently there are endless brokers available for those who are interested in the world of trading. Of course, the versatility of the market allows everyone to choose the one that suits them best according to their tastes and possibilities. However, there are certain considerations that should be evaluated before choosing the broker in order to […]

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Guide to Future Markets: a simpler explanation

2019-05-02 By: ChristopherRay

Futures Markets are derivative contracts that negotiate the purchase and sale of products for future settlement. It is a contract widely used for commodities (such as agricultural products), as it offers security to farmers in the face of price fluctuations and market demands. For this reason, it is considered a hedge strategy, a concept that […]