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What to invest in 2020?

2020-05-25 By: ChristopherRay

The key to investing in 2020  is to diversify to reduce risks and tactically allocate our resources. In the next note we will review the general considerations when making the investment decision, and of course, we will review the macroeconomic conditions of the international context to define a general action plan that will lead us […]

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Fiat apocalypse: stablecoin, crypto, CBDCs and China corner money

2020-03-04 By: ChristopherRay

Stablecoins sneak these days into the daily life of telephone conversations as possible instruments to save savings against hypothetical measures by governments on circulating money. Thus, according to the data, stablecoin could become a safe haven in the face of the effects of the Covid-19 crysis. The IMF speaks of a contraction in global growth […]