The Telegram Open network community challenges the SeC with its fork TON Free

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The Telegram Open network community challenges the SeC with its fork TON Free

2020-05-25 By: ChristopherRay

The history of the Telegram Open network seems to have come to fruition. Or at least that is what is perceived with the launch of the fork announced yesterday and launched by the community and some developers of TON. The event has been possible thanks to the birth of TON Labs. This startup decided to step forward and launch its own version of the TON blockchain. The measure has been carried out successfully and currently the TON network has started operating with the support of professional validators.

TON Free, despite the brake of the regulators

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The fork has been called TON Free. It is a fork destined to start up the advances of this network, despite the brake of the US regulators, which paralyzed the official launch of the TON network. The project thus takes a new direction. This time, run by the community, which so far has been able to enable a network of 13 validators and has released the source code for their work.

The launch was broadcast live on YouTube and during the act the genesis block of the new blockchain was generated, effectively marking its existence.

During the broadcast, TON Labs chief technology officer Mitya Goroshevsky stated that “the network must not be censored, it must go into the world.” In TON Free some things have changed to differentiate themselves from the initial Telegram project, if only the names, because technologically it is the same story. For example, the name of the network tokens are renamed “Cristal TON”, instead of “Grams”. An insignificant change, but that intends to unmark Telegram from the launch of TON Labs.

Source code already available

For some time now, Telegram had made available to developers, with free licenses, the source code that would make Telegram Open network work. This has been used in TON Labs for the launch of the network that has now come to life. In fact, TON Labs has created a new software repository controlled by them with which they can guarantee the continuity of the project with or without Telegram support and letting the community participate actively in it.

In the repository hosted on GitHub we can access all the necessary tools for TON Free to work perfectly. This includes the source code of the validators, nodes, virtual machine and everything necessary for the creation of smart contracts and other applications for this new ecosystem. In the repository we can also clearly see a point of interest: TON Free has support for deterministic wallets and everything that means in security and ease of use and integration with other wallets.

TON Labs has also activated wallets for network use, but as of this writing, the Android wallet has been removed from the Play Store and the web wallet is inoperative. What is not in doubt is that the TON Free network is already active and we can check its operation in the network explorer.

The sart of the TON revolution

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Certainly, the launch of this network is something that the TON community can celebrate. The technology and capacity of this blockchain can mark a before and after. not only for Telegram users, but also for the crypto world. Recall that TON has great technological advancements that can position it as a direct competitor to ethereum and eOS. even more scalable than these two, thanks to technologies such as sharding and a more scalable consensus protocol.

But in addition, TON offers the ability to execute smart contracts and compatibility with smart contracts written in Solidity. This is a top-notch feature that would make it easier for developers to move their smart contracts from ethereum to TON without much difficulty. A feature that is primarily aimed at developing a strong ecosystem of DApps and DeFi applications.

In any case, the launch of TON Free is just the beginning of a large number of opportunities. A proposal that tries to carry out the project in the face of the difficulties presented. Telegram and Pavel Durov may not get the benefit they imagined. But perhaps the new situation is more beneficial and less problematic for them. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how TON Free will evolve and what, finally, will be its impact on the crypto world.

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